Crystal Mandala Grid Series No. 1

Crystal grid mandala series No. 1 to heal the Earth. It was constructed with the help of participants on 1st December 2017. We added soil taken from the village of Kirkby Misperton, put it into glasses during the ceremony, and then returned it to its container to be returned to KM.

Series 1, No 1 Reconstructed Crystal Mandala Grid for Healing the Earth

Series 1, No 1 reconstructed crystal mandala grid for Healing the Earth. Central stone is Mahogany Obsidian, first ring Petrified Wood, second ring Larimar x 6 and Quateum Quatro x6, third ring, Nzori Moyu, Rose Quartz, Bumblebee, Owyhee, Eye of the Storm Jasper, Owyhee and Mount Shasta Opal, Satyaloki and Himalayan Quartz,fourth ring Selenite wands, Pietersite, Isua Stone, outer ring Rutilated quartz tumblestones.

Crystal Mandala Grid Series 1, No 2

Crystal grid mandala Series 1 No 2: To increase physical strength, based on a template by Philip Perlmutt. The central stone is a large Carnelian, surrounded on the outer ring by Azurite at apex, Tangerine Dream Aura Quartz, Wind Fossil Agate, Hematite, Dumortierite, Golden Rutile Quartz, and on the inner ring by three Aventurine tumblestones.

Crystal Mandala Grid Series 1, No. 3

Crystal grid mandala Series 1, No. 3: To eliminate fear of illness, based on template by Philip Perlmutt. The sacred geometry is the classic alchemists’ power magnet to attract energies for transformation and healing connections. Central stone is a Quartz sphere, first ring is 6 Rose Quartz; second ring includes Turquoise from my travels through Native American territories, 3 Super Seven crystals, 3 Auralite 23 tumblestones, and 3 Aqua Aura stones, one with inset red garnets. The outer ring around the grid and forming the edge of the mandala represents the liminal areas between the central focus of the mandala and its material purpose. This is the alchemical medium and location for manifestation. This ring alternates 6 each of Lepidolite (lavender Mica) and Muscovite in Quartz.

Crystal Mandala Grid Series 1, No.4

Crystal grid mandala Series 1, No.4: To heighten awareness of inner and outer energies, based on a template by Philip Perlmutt. Central stone is Lapis Lazuli with Blue Kyanite connections to a central cross if Celestite, Aquamarine, Iolite pyramid, and Apophelite. Outer ring, from top includes raw Phenacite, Lepidolite, Septarian, Garnet, Magnatite, Labradorite, Citrine, and Peruvian Opal. The mandala is set upon a mirror, to reflect sensations back to the viewer interacting with the pattern of the grid and the energies of the stones. At the side is the Quartz Crystal to ‘set’ energetically the intention into crystals, and to align the grid template with the reflection in the mirror.

Crystal Mandala Grid Series 2, No 1

Celebrating the Winter Solstice with stones from beaches and standing stones sites in Cornwall, Wales, France, Uzbekistan, the Orkneys, and the Western Isles of Scotland. Each stone holds memories and history. I wonder how I have lived to be in my 60s as I look at this spiral through my wide child-eyes.

Crystal Mandala Grid Series 2, No. 2

Crystal grid mandala, Series 2 No. 2 To Support the Earth in Transition from the perspective of Duality. A six-pointed star with Eilat stones (Bornite) at the tips, made of two triangles overlaying each other and surrounding a four-planed pyramid (Atlantisite). Ring 1: Cryolite to clear blocked minds and align with one’s spiritual truth. Ring 2: Green Sodalite to open spiritual perception. Points:Green Kyanite to make spiritual energy more accessible and Danburite to facilitate deep change, heal the heart, and link into angelic realms.. Ring 3: Chrysoprase (Gem Silica) to break free from the deepest grief, greed, and self-destructive behaviour, and Larvakite to maintain the momentum of change. Connectors: clear Quartz.

Crystal Mandala Grid Series 3, No 2

New Mandorla crystal grid for Raising Energy, Series 3, Number 2, based on a template by Ethan Lazzerini. The triangle increases and heightens energy and the two intertersecting circles–the Vesica piscis–form an almond (mandorla) shape in the middle for rejuvenation. Violet-purple Tourmaline at the apex heals the heart, while the two stones at the base, Red Tiger’s Eye, enhance the flow of Qi. The circle stones are Carnelian, which restores vitality, and Quartz points amplify the grid. The Mandorla stone is high-energy Sunshine Aura Quartz, created from gold and platinum which fuse with the quartz at very high temperature.

Crystal Mandala Grid Series 4, No 1

Crystal Grid Mandala of the Infinite Hexagram, Series 4, no.1. It is dedicated to all beings who serve others for the greatest good without recompense. This grid is an ancient sacred geometrical form used by alchemists through the ages for balancing the Earth with other bodies in the universe and standing as a portal to other realms. It may be found at Callanish on the Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland.

At the centre is Wulfenite, a vibrantly orange stone of transformation from the Red Cloud Mine in Arizona. It is surrounded by triangles: 3 x Chrysotile to release karmic clutter, 3 x hematite to ground the energies of cleansing changes, and a double 3 x Lapis Lazuli to stabilise and centre the emerging energy body in the heart mind. The outer hexagram brings the energies of Russian Seraphinite for angelic connection and healing and Petalite (Lithium Ore) for powerful shamanic reorientation and angelic touch. The mandala and crystals link the heart mind with the actions of serving others.