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How Sound Healing Works

At every sound healing session—one-to one or in groups—I intuitively download the appropriate information as to what sound to create from my spiritual helpers, who facilitate the flow of energy among different levels of self. The flow energises or calms the physical or emotional levels as necessary; it allows the mind to understand them more clearly as they are revealed in the clearing process of the chakras or energy centres of the body.  This energetic flow provides a means for the soul to connect into your body and allows it to bring you access to the Divine Ideal.

Scientific research in the field of psycho-accoustic medicine has now begun to underpin metaphysical explanations. A prime example of the bridge between science and spirit is the process of listening to binaural beats and the resulting change in brainwave states.  Different frequencies presented to each ear create a didfferent tone (or binaural beat) as the brain processes the two tones it actual hears.  The tone of the differene between the two frequencies/pitches produces a binaural beat. Let’s say that the right ear hears a tone at 210 hz and the left at 200 hz; they thus create a distinct binaural beat frequency of 10 hz. The result of this is called ‘brainwave entrainment’, which, in the example given, entrains at 10 hz.  Since brainwaves change frequencies based on neural activity in the brain, and because neural activity is electrochemical, brain function can be modified by using sound and frequencies.  Thus, certain frequencies, sounds, harmonies, and harmonics stimulate the brain to produce certain neurotransmitters such as Serotonin, the ‘feel good’ chemical messenger that helps to reduce pain and increases the feelings of pleasure. That was at the 10 hz difference tone.  At 4 hz, brainwave frequency, increased production of catecholamines, which are important for memory and learning, occurs.  The implication of these scientific discoveries have immense implications for drug-free health. It is my understanding and belief that as research into the effects of sound gains momentum, it will offer an alternative medical paradign to the pharmaceutical solutions of allopathic medicine.