Overcoming Stagefright and Regaining Instinct

Shamanic practice is the integration of ancient shamanic healing techniques into current lifestyles. To be a shaman is a calling; what is open to everyone is shamanic practice. This involves healing ourselves according to shamanic visions of who we are and shamanic practices of how we can navigate through our prevailing reality to achieve personal freedom. I am a shamanic practitioner and a midwife to birthing new ways of seeing ourselves in a turbulent reality with an uncertain future.

Our thoughts are things, and our words are powerful tools for manifestation. Through thoughts and words, we cast our intent, which we then create in our lives. Glimpses of ourselves as spiritual beings struggling through an increasingly unfamiliar world informs our present experience of duality. Focusing our vision requires what some shamans call ‘dreaming the right dream’. What we dream is what we create. If we fill our lives with wars, negativity, and despair, that’s what our world will look like. When we walk in beauty and live with compassion, we can bring those things into our reality. If we consider Rupert Sheldrake’s idea of ‘morphic resonance’ (whereby the more we think along a particular pattern, the easier it becomes for others to think along that same line) watching what we think and dream becomes critical to humanity’s future.

How do we use shamanic practices and rituals to change the patterns of our lives and the lives of people around us? How might we put shamanism into the service of awakening a greater spiritual awareness among those in our community? There is archaeological evidence that shamanism dates back 100,000 years, and historically, shamans have worked to meet the needs of people among whom they lived. Teachings and rituals have been passed down by shamans addressing these very questions from ancient cultures. I have adopted these historical practices and teach them in my workshops. Your whole life can become a sacred ceremony if you dedicate yourself to becoming open to what is before you and facing what stands in your way to your spiritual path.

The exercises I offer in my workshops start simply, with practices of rekindling feelings of gratitude for experiencing the beauty of our planet, to more complex ceremonies of removing blockages from past wounds, recovering lost parts of the soul, and understanding the soul’s plan in this lifetime. We journey to find parts of ourselves and discover our helping spirits, and we recreate ancient ceremonies dedicated to honour the abundance of the Earth. As we learn to incorporate our life’s challenges into the flow of our being, our perspectives change, and synchronicities enter our lives. Gradually, by embarking on shamanic practice, you will find a natural alignment of your personality and your soul taking place. As you gain courage to walk your talk, you meet your own authentic power and experience freedom within the duality of life on Earth.