About Samantha Kazarinov-Hawk

I have worked as a professional musician and educator for 37 years. My love of music goes back to childhood, when I started my training at the age of 5 and worked my way up to studying at the Juilliard School of Music in New York. At the same time as I was training as a pianist, I grew up learning shamanic practices from my godmother, a wise-woman from Russia. 20 years ago, I took the Shamanic Practioner’s course with Leo Rutherford, which led to my research in other healing modalities. I became interested in sound healing and cymatics ten years ago, and I trained with Simon Heather at the College of Sound Healing in the UK after working with Jill Purse, Chris James, and Stewart Pearce. I am now a Certified Sound Healer working out of Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire.